No More White Hair With This Item On It For 5 Minutes!

To have white hair is a beauty issue for everyone men and women too. Usually the self confidence suffers the most with life.

This is why people try new things all the time. Cosmetics, colorings and more. But they are full of chemicals and have side effects on the hair.

Even people in the 30s suffer from this. The causes are many from genes to lifestyle or stress.

This is a good recipe for grey hair.

What you need, and how to make this:

Peel 6 potatoes and put the rinds in a pan. Add 2 cups water and cook on low heat to boil for 20 minutes. Remove pan from stove. Wait to cool aside and strain the water. Store this in a glass bottle and close. Add some essential drops oil for the smell like lavender or rosemary. Wash the hair normally and use shampoo and mask after that. Grey hair needs more hydration. Use the water to put on the hair and head and massage it. Do not rinse now.

Dry the hair and comb it. Then repeat this 3 times per week for a few months. Be patient for the results.

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