With Home Remedies Cure Bronchitis

This illness is due to bacteria or virus that causes inflammation in the bronchial tubes that get infected. Signs are: hard breathing, mucus, chest pain, nasal congestion, fatigue, muscle ache and flu. They can be really severe.

If this is it, first read the natural help and then consider meds:


This is good for stuffy nose, inflammation and better immunity. Mix cinnamon ½ tsp, ginger and hot water. Mix this and have it for few days. In the end add honey and cool it. Have this twice daily. Or mix 2 tsp ginger powder and pepper, or milk and honey also twice daily.


Great as antibiotic and for killing viruses. Chop and peel them and add milk, then boil this. Have it before sleep.


Mix 1 tsp of this and milk, boil and have three times daily. For better results, have this before a meal. If you have stones or gallbladder issues, avoid it. Also for hyperacidity, ulcer and digestion.

Eucalyptus oil

Inhale the steam and loosen the mucus inside. This also kills bacteria and heals damaged tissues. Boil water and add some oil. Breathe the steam and cover the head with towel. Also consider pine tree oil and tea tree. And rub the chest with the oils too.

Salty water

For removal of irritation gargle with this water. Get warm water a full glass and add 1-2 tsp salt. Mind the salt for the blood pressure and effect it has. Gargle the throat and relieve the mucus too.


The natural best elixir. Soothing the throat, removing inflammation, mix 2 tsp in tea and add lemon water too.


They loosen the phlegm and mucus and stop them too. Have 1 tsp daily before breakfast and add it to soup and salad.

Epsom salt

Baths with this salt are the best. Add some Epsom in the tub and soak 30 min. do this 2 times per week.

Sesame seed

Also good for chest pain, mix 2 tsp of this and add honey and salt. Have before sleeping or just mix 2 spoons water and ½ tsp dry sesame twice per day.


Be hydrated a lot. Have 8-10 glasses per day and also have many fruits and veggies, water and honey, avoid alcohol and coffee too.

Talk  with a doctor if you still feel the same and not improved.

Source and image source: organichealthteam.com