6 Sleep Deficit Illnesses

Sleep is vital for survival and health in general, both health of the mind and body too. that is the one way to recharge the energy, be healthier, look good and feel good.

While we sleep, thousands processes happen inside the body and help our brain keep data and memory, so every cell works to repair damaged tissue all over.

But then again, when we have sleep deficit, all this fails and we are cranky, unhealthy, look dull and tired, have no focus and energy and also the health suffers a lot.

Studies proved that sleep deficits cause really serious health problems starting from heart problems, cancer, diabetes. But these 6 are the most serious:

Cardiovascular issues

A recent study of EuroHeartCare on the annual European Society of Cardiology confirmed lack of sleep damages the heart over time. Experts, for 14 years, have followed 657 men of Russia, ages 25-64 and said that 2/3 of them had a heart attack due to sleep deficit. Also, those that had sleep problems had chance of stroke higher by 1.5 to 4 times and risk of myocardial infarction by 2.6 times.

Ulcerative colitis

A 2014 study stated that sleep deficit or too much sleep leads to this problem. This is a form of IBS and it means the lining of digestive tract is with ulcers or Crohn’s disease. Experts of Hospital Massachusetts also found that enough sleep is vital to fight inflammation in the digestive organs. Those experts followed women of the Nurses’ Health Study ever since 1967 and 1989 and said the risk for this colitis was raised for those sleeping less than 6 hours.  Also those that slept 9 hours or more had big risk too. this was a test on women only, but the risk of colitis was influenced by age, genes, habits and more.

Diabetes and obesity

Many studies stated the link between diabetes and bad sleep. But experts of University Chicago made another study where was said bad sleep leads to diabetes and obesity. They examined this topic and said fatty acids gathered more in the blood due to the insulin speed for glucose regulation. They examined 19 sleep patterns of men. And said those who slept 4 hours, 3 nights in a row, had more fatty acids between 4-9 a.m. And this was 15-30% higher than the rest who slept at least 8 hours. Also, experts said the high levels of fatty acids makes insulin resistance in men and pre-diabetes.


John Hopkins University experts made a study in 2013 that links this deficit to this disease. It was based on a previous study that said sleep is crucial for the brain to remove waste. The same that causes dementia. 70 adults were involved between 53-91 and the deficit lead to a high beta-amyloid deposits on the PET scans. This item means it is a marker for Alzheimer’s. And it means sleep deficit stops the brain to remove the waste.

Prostate cancer

The Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention journal in 2013, showed that those with sleep problems had more risk of this cancer. The experts followed 2.425 men of Iceland, ages 67-96 for 7 years. And found the risk of this cancer is 60% bigger for those with sleep problems. This doubled for those who wake up all the time. This is linked to melanin, the sleep hormone said the experts. The more melatonin we have, the less tumors can thrive inside. When melatonin was under artificial light, the tumor grew more aggressive.


A study of 2014 stated the link between this deficit and suicides rates in adults. The Stanford University of Medicine stated this in a study lasting a decade, where 420 people got involved. 20 people who had this deficit, sadly committed suicide. And this made experts think that those with the deficit had this risk 1.4 times more than the rest. Most at risk were white males over 85. And the suicide was also linked to other health issues too. Especially those age-related.

Source and image source: healthyfoodhouse.com