The Best 11 Tips For Flat Belly. Proven By Science

A lot of people, or all of us want a nice sexy body and obesity can lead to a short life span and many health problems along the way.

Flat belly is looking really nice and like it requires a bit and not more, but it is almost impossible or hard to achieve. The reasons can be health issues, not just too much food.

A lot of ways exist to let you lose weight and flatten the belly and we have 11 tips for you for that perfect body. There are no pills here or surgeries or other extreme things. Of course this is not medicine and before trying any of these things consult the doctor beforehand.

Drink water before you eat

In the past people said water before eating is good to make you feel full and eat less, but now it is linked to eating fewer calories even too. Recent studies have stated that this is true and one such theory was published in 2013 and so it stated that 500 ml water before eating a hypocaloric diet will lead to lowing more weight than JUST the diet. Another 2014 study said the water helps in balancing energy and wasting that energy. Of course, there are many confusions for this theory, like that one when people suffered from heart failure or kidney issues.

Eating patterns

Eat less but more often is the best advice. This was a motivation especially for those with metabolic issues, diabetes, obese people and all had reduced the calorie intake. Even some studies said that the frequency of eating helps in losing weight and mostly just fat tissue in adults. It also stops eating too much so try to practice this. Opt for 5 meals, breakfast, lunch, dinner and some snacks.

Eat slower

This might sound strange but chewing and eating slower in smaller bites helps a lot. You will process the food well in the mouth and the gut will make less appetite hormones.

Servings size

You need to and must read labels and nutrition on the back of every product, but veggies and meat is another case, you need servings especially for them. Every food is different so always search for specific info on the item you are preparing.

30 minutes daily cardio for 5 days every week

Walking and cycling are the best moderate things and even tennis. This was advised by the American Heart Association, more or less 150 minutes per week or half an hour per day. Other sports like jogging and running require less, 75 per week. Also workouts will make the heart healthier too.


With a good posture you will keep the abdomen tense and like it is doing a workout. With bad posture we have more pressure and strain and musculoskeletal issues. For weight loss the posture is nothing special but at least the muscles and bones are in perfect work and function. A flabby belly is worsened by being slouched! Head back, shoulders flat line aligned and the back has a natural soft curve. To activate the hip flexors almost not at all means the lower abdomen is pushed down and forward so you look less fit because of it.

Core workouts

Such workouts are the best to accentuate flat belly and such workouts are isolated on the belly muscles only. Running and cardio will help you to weigh less but the muscles are made just with the workouts. Try leg raise, bridge and other such workouts.


This is thought to be the best for the core and everyone can perform it as well. Lie on the belly at first and make the elbows bent for 90 degrees. With the toe tips balance the torso too and use forehands not palms. If you want modified plank, try one hand balance plank or one forearm plank

Less sodas, sweets and junk food too

Of course a diet is crucial for having a good body, reduce the desserts and sodas since they are not nutritious, offer empty calories and make you gain weight, the US Agriculture Department stated this empty calorie theory of junk food, sodas and sweets – lacking minerals and vitamins. Such empty calories are in the sodas, sweets, pizza, cookies, candy, snacks…

Reduce or give up alcohol

Beer gut is caused mostly by too much calories in alcohol drinks and turning the alcohol to sugar. This is a fact- there were 2 studies in separate ways and both showed how more alcohol consuming makes you gain weight more, both stated how 30 g alcohol daily is okay, but more than that is linked to the weight gain.

No refined sugar

The one and only nemesis for the weight balance. This damages the heart, makes metabolic syndrome and causes obesity of course. A 2013 study stated that an average American eats almost none fruits and veggies and eats just junk food. Too much glucose turns to fat and in a 2014 study was said that cutting down sugary drinks and sodas aids in weight loss.

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