7 Daily Habits That Worsen The Sciatica

The longest nerves in the body are just two and they are the sciatic nerves. Their start is in the lumbar spine part and they go extended down to even the ankle parts in every leg. This pain is caused by many things starting from hernia disc to sport injuries or even being pregnant.

This pain is manifesting on one body side and can even last up to 8 weeks.

While you stretch or treat this in some way, can you alleviate the pain in the meantime?

Bad posture

The bad posture makes a lot of pressure on the spine. The frame can worsen the pain and make more pressure on the spinal nerve.

High heels

Pay attention, ladies! Heels are nice to wear but they are not so healthy as you think they are. Every heels higher than 1 and ½ inch height makes the body weight lean forward and this makes the legs feel under lots of pressure.

Stomach sleeping

This is bad for those that like this kind of sleeping since this sleeping puts pressure under the neck and spine. Try to sleep on the back or the left side preferably and try a pillow under the knees.

Sit or stand for a longer time

Office work is of course not healthy for the body or mind per se. if you are sedentary or standing for a longer period of time, the sciatica will get in the worst possible state ever. Stand up, stretch, walk a bit around, touch the toes, or even rotate the feet. This makes the hips turn and removes any possible pain there is.

Improper lifting

If you do this a lot, lifting heavy loads or burdens or have such a job (cleaner, kitchen worker or even factory worker) will make you want to lift the legs more. The strain on the back makes the nerve pulled and stretched and this makes the state worse.

Improper workouts

Working out is good but with bad form is more damage than good. Easy things to consider are injuries, bad squats or pulled body parts and affecting the spine. Such sports are: soccer, football, ballet and rugby.

Less core strength

This is not quite moving activity is more likely less than a regular activity. The stomach and back muscles have to give good support to you and keep the spine relieved as much as they can.

Try some crunches, avoid sit ups, and when you lift try with the chest and upright posture. Also practice leg presses and lye on the back, the knees are bent up and it is like chair sitting except the feet are not on the ground. Press the hands down when you press between the legs.

Source and image source: fixsciatica.info