Experts Found A Root That Can Kill Up To Even 98% Of Cancer Cells

Even in history times the health benefit of natural methods was praised, especially for the dandelion. This root is really potent and healthy and can even cure cancer as scientists say.

The dandelion boosts immunity and can treat the prostate, lung and other cancers too.

The doctor Carolyn Hamm of Wndsor regional Cancer Center in Ontario, Canada, said the extract of this root is aiding in cancer curing or for the elder people – myelomonocytic leukemia.

The 72 year old John Di Carlo was released from the hospital when the doctors said there is no cure for his leukemia. But he told for CBC news that some friend told him of the dandelion root tea and after using this for 4 months, the cancer was gone! Doctors were amazed too and said this was due to the tea.

Recent studies said the extract of this root can trick the cancer like it did with Di Carlo. Then those cells diminish and healthy replace them. Also studies proved that this root also stops liver, lung, prostate, colon and breast cancer too.

The dandelion tea has a strange taste, but the effect Is worth it. There is no bad side effects like with radiation and chemo.

So, the regular cancer methods destroy cancer cells, but healthy ones too. dandelion does not do this. It boosts immunity and targets the cancer only.

Dr. Hamm said this extract must be used only with doctor’s approval.

Then this extract also can be used to make the health system stronger in non-cancer people too.also this root makes the health better and the stem + roots treat diabetes too.  Eating this means  more pancreas insulin work and leveled blood sugar too.

Also this tea helps the digestion and makes good detox to the body from many toxins. Dr. Axe says it has vitamins and minerals too that aid in intestines cleanse.

It also has lots of vitamin C and stops infections to attack you like UTIs bacteria. In that case, daily dandelion tea stops health damage.

This plant is full of fiber and this means better intestine work and also resolving IBS, heart problems and even obesity.

It contains vitamin A too and in just one cup of this tea you get the daily health dose. This A vitamin keeps the skin and eyes healthy.

Add this root to smoothies, soups, dishes, salads and also start the morning with dandelion recipe beverage.

Look at the video here and see how to prepare this tea:

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