Kill The Cockroaches With No Chemicals

These insects are awful and of course, no one likes them in their home. We would all eliminate them, but how?

This insect is an omnivore, or eating everything it can get, plant or animal based. For this reason, they can be seen in every corner and place.

As they walk, they leave traces behind them, that is why they find food and water easily.

We have a solution for this.

The whole process takes only 3-4 weeks.

The recipe:

You need:

  • Egg yolk, raw
  • 30-50 g boric acid powder
  • Latex gloves


Mix the yolk and acid well. Put on the gloves and make small balls, round shapes of 1 cm diameter size. After an hour, they will be fully dry. You can use them.


To get the most of them, you need other precautions too. First, the insects must not be near food. Clean any food remains in the corners of the house. Then, see the water pipes and water areas in the home. There must be water-free area in those spaces i.e. no leaking of pipes. The pipes must be well insulated and no moisture is allowed.

The borax balls are to be put where the insect might go. Think like an insect, where would it move?

We said already, they like food and water. Be near the kitchen and toilets within 5 feet. Put the balls in cracks, corners, doors, walls, furniture areas, near the fridge or stove and similar.

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