A Herb That Fights Dementia – Experts Discovered This And Claim Memory Is Boosted By 75%

The rosemary is a famous herb for many things, garnishing dishes, meal additions and more since it has good aroma and smell. And it also helps with dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Experts claim that this herb is good for dementia and even Alzheimer’s!

In the play Hamlet of Shakespeare, he wrote on the rosemary context; pray, love, remember!

Studies stated that this herb is a miracle herb especially for memory problems and loss, mental issues and similar.

The team together with Mark Moss studied the effects of this scent of the oil in particular and brain connection; it was amazing.

The link between this herb and cognition is strong, so memory is retained. Those in the test as subjects had better scores in the end as far as visualization goes, just by whiffing rosemary.

Also, in another study rosemary was great for Alzheimer’s and dementia. Thus:

Every patient had improvement in cognition in the therapy. Precisely, those with Alzheimer’s had the best scores.

These results give us hope that this herb is really amazing for such diseases.

So, boost the brain, memory and focus with smelling rosemary. The video below gives you all the info you need.

Source and image source: healthyfoodhouse.com