A Common Drink Damages The Bones And Even Causes Cancer With Its Chemicals

People neglect the bad effects of sodas and soft drinks and still they buy and consume them, ingesting chemicals and tons of sugars!

The sales for them have slightly dropped with more than $75 billion worth sodas per year, and this results In more heart problems, tooth decaying, diabetes and obesity.

The BIG reasons why sodas are harmful:

Causing cancer

A lot sodas have artificial items for the color they have. This additive has 2 poisons: 2-methylimidazole and 4-methylimidazole, both made animal cancer! In the California Proposition 65 list of cancer trigger chemicals was said that 16 mcg daily of the 4-methyldiazole is enough for cancer risk. Even more, the brown sodas have 200 mcg of it In a 20 oz container.

Fat deposits

A denmark study stated having non-diet sodas rises the deposit of fat in the liver and skeletal muscle mass, thus leading to insulin resistance and diabetes. Experts found how daily having soda for half a year can lead to liver, skeletal and triglyceride blood fat and organs fat too, with increase of cholesterol by 11%.

Tooth decay

There is another term for this, Mountain Dew Mouth. The soda has citric acid that damages the enamel and dentin (core of tooth).

Osteoporosis risk

All sodas have phosphates and phosphoric acid for the tangy aroma and shelf life. Excess of this acid makes osteoporosis, losing muscle mass, kidney and heart problems and more aging prematurely. As far as calcium intake goes, you might lose bone mass and the soda caffeine stops calcium absorbing. You might lose bone density and develop osteoporosis.

Many diseases

Diabetes 2 is one of them. Heart disease was also a risk, studies confirmed this as the link between sugar and heart problems. One such drink gives 20% risk of heart attack or even death. Too much sugar also develops insulin resistance in every cell. So, the pancreas must make more insulin to remove the blood glucose and you end up with more insulin and resistance. Excess fructose of these drinks might burden the liver and convert in fat. That fat stays in the liver and makes fatty liver disease. A study also proved that high blood sugar and dementia are linked. Sugar excess damages the memory and cognition, gets complex and leads to even Alzheimer’s

To add, if you think a diet soda is harmless and better than sugary soda, you are wrong! See the video below.

Source and image source: healthyfoodhouse.com