Stop The Hair Loss Permanently! Make Hair Grow Again, Faster And Better

What is the reason for losing hair?

Many medical experts say this problem is due to a lot of factors like pregnancy, stress, weight loss, menopause and more. Other reasons might be increasing this problem too.

Just know that it is normal for the hair to fall if something is wrong with the body, like big stress events, however the bad thing is that hair falls a lot! The stress is among the most severe causes leading to hormonal imbalance and esthetic problems. This will change your self confidence and leave you withdrawn. Also, you will spend fortune on cures for this and be left disappointed again.

So, try not to buy those cosmetics right away, try a natural method that might be better. Here you will learn how to restore gorgeous hair with help of guava leaf.

This home remedy stops the hair loss and makes it grow again. Those leaves have vitamin B that is vital for nice hair. Hair will grow again, stronger and better at the root and follicles. The recipe is easy to make and pretty simple too.

You need to:

Get 1 liter water in a pot and add the leaves inside, 1 handful. Let this boil and then simmer no more than 20 min. Let it cool aside after this.

Massage the scalp with this mix and wait a few hours, then wash off.

Do this before sleeping and this way get the best results.

Put a shower cap over the hair to avoid stains on the pillow. When you wake up, wash the hair.

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