A Cancer Patient Was Told He Had Just 18 Months Life. Then He Tried Cannabis Oil…

For David Hibbitt, 33, Staffordshire UK, doctors said that he had just 18 more months on this Planet. But, he tried something that completely changed his life and his bride’s.

He tried many modern treatments and suffered a lot by them, they did not improve the health and he wanted to try something different – cannabis oil that cost 50 pounds or $80 a gram from local dealers.

David said he found out about this from a friend and was skeptic of the cannabis oil. He never believed in drug trying and after the chemo failed, this was the last resort. He just did not want to die, so he tried this.


He first started as any other patient, with chemo and radiotherapy. And then in March 2013 his big bowel had to be removed with surgery, and this too, gave negative outcome.

This cannabis oil method was amazing and that is the reason he planned his life and future from that moment on, with his beloved Heather Martin, 26.

The UK Cancer Research stated that many such patients get the cannabis oil for curing. But the evidence is not yet relevant as to the efficiency compared to clinical trials of cancer treatments.

Still, charities support the trials to try and explore this topic like a drug in the form of synthetic cannabinoid for cancer.

Source and image source: healthyfoodhouse.com