Lemon Water Is Good For 13 Health Issues

A glass of lemon and water every morning after waking up is the best thing for the body and health. This morning habit requires no time, no money almost and is perfectly healthy and natural.

The juice of lemon is an antioxidant that has potassium, volatile oils, carbs, vitamin B and C and this usage makes immunity better, cravings less frequent and pH balanced. Also, digestion is way better and weight loss easier to achieve.

The benefits of lemon water:

  1. Fighting cold and flu- because of the high levels of vitamin C this is an antioxidant and fights bacteria. Also you heal better and faster from the flu and cold.
  2. Less inflammation- it fights inflammation and makes acidity neutral inside us.
  3. GERD gastroesophageal reflux – after 14 days of this water, you will see good results.
  4. Boosted immunity- the lemon water makes the lymph system better and immunity stronger for removal of pathogens.
  5. Relieved ache in bladder- take it for this with meals.
  6. Less soreness and post-workout fatigue – have it after the training
  7. Kidney stones-the potassium stops oxalate creation meaning more citrate in urine.
  8. Less pain and joint swelling- uric acid is less piled up in joints, thus less arthritis and inflammation problems.
  9. Leveled blood sugar- the lemons have pectin and is a sort of a fiber that stops unhealthy craving hunger. Also you will produce more bile, decompose food and have faster digestion. This drink also levels the blood sugar.
  10. Fibromyalgia- yoga and lemon water make you less tired due to this illness.
  11. No food-borne issues- for travelling nausea and food poisoning – take this.
  12. Acne- the lemon water cures acne and makes the skin beautiful again. Take the lemon juice and cover all the face with it.
  13. Stronger nails- this juice erases white spots of the nails and makes them strong.

Source and image source: healthyfoodhouse.com