Change The Hair Color Naturally With No Chemicals

Coloring the hair is tedious and ruins the hair too. Those with healthy and pretty hair color it once in a while or not at all.

But, to change a hair color means a lot to women for their look. We have good news for you – no chemicals and still changed color! Read more…

With few methods you can do this, like:

Beet for red hair

For temporary red sharp hue, use beets and carrot juice. This way the color is more fresh. You just need whipped coconut oil and beet juice. Mix them and put it on the hair. After an hour, rinse and condition. See video below for more.

Or slice a beet in chunks. Let them boil in a pot and let them cool after that. Add the beets in this liquid and you got a hair color.

Just let it stay for 20 minutes more or less and wash off with vinegar. If you have a bit lighter hair, no need for more repeatings.

For blonde – chamomile

Get 100 g dry chamomile and its flowers. Put this in water to boil and after that strain it. Rinse the hair and let It soak in this. Rinse with vinegar afterwards and dry the hair.

Also, consider lemon juice. You need 300 ml water, half lemon juice, 8tbsp dry chamomile. Let the water boil with the chamomile and no more than 15 minutes. Let it cool and strain it and add the juice. Spread this on the hair and comb it. For even brighter hair, dry it in the sun. then use shampoo as normally.

Brown hair with onion peel and oak bark

Let 1 liter water boil and add sliced oak bark and onion peels, ½ cup. Cook this for a whole hour and let it cool. Then use it for wet hair, after 45 min rinse this with vinegar.

Brown dark hair with green peel walnut

Remove this peel with 15-20 walnuts used and cut it. Grind those pieces and mix them with hot water. Mix and stir to make it smooth. Use brush to apply It on the hair and after 20 min, rinse with vinegar again. Every hair color has at least 5000 chemicals or toxins and they can even cause cancer. This was tested on animals.

For gray hair use onion peel

Make a glass full of boiled water and in it soak ½ glass onion peels for 20 min tops. Put a lid over it. For straining use gauze and add 2 tbsp glycerol in this water. Use this daily on the hair and also rub it gently and let it dry in the air.

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