The Effective Recipe For Lipoma Removal (Fatty Tissue Removal). Works In Just 8 Days And Thousands Are A Proof!

If formations of fatty tissue form on our body, or lipomas, they are benign and not fatal, but esthetically are not pleasant.

Usually they are on the neck, armpits, head, arms and can affect any age group. Most of the time is age 40-60, but not strictly.

Science too ahs no clue of the lipoma looks and causes but mostly it is genes, cholesterol or obesity. We all want painless and easy methods for removal, and in this article you will see the natural best method. It is temporary, but worth a try.

It is  a recipe for a soup that is even backed by dermatologists. It erases the lipoma and it just takes honey and flour.

This is the natural method

Mix equal parts honey and flour for a paste. Apply on the lipoma and make sure it is 10 mm thick at leasr. Secure nice and leave it for 36 hours. Before you make a new batch, rinse this one first. The usage is 5 times in 8 days only and the lipoma will be flatter. Dark honey is better and whole grain flour too, if you opt for it.

Why it works and how?

This recipe is an old folk recipe and was used in many generations for wounds or sores as well. Honey lessens inflammation and lymph system is better in the work with the blood flow too. A study of 59 people with sores/wounds and regular meds therapy had no good results in 2 whole years. But, the honey flour method showed result after 1 week.

Additional lipoma advice

To detox is step no. 1 for lipoma removal. Cut on saturated fats and unhealthy oils. Also cut back on junk food, flur, milk, pesticides, dairy and go for okra, psyllium, chickweed, sage, turmeric, spices, pomegranate, mandarin and have a better detox this way. Also consider lemon juice for liver cleanse and omega 3s in the diet.

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