The Best Herb Cures, 20 Of Them And You Can Grow Them In Your Own Home!

It is great to have the cure for most of the health problems like indigestion, stress, sunburns, headaches…and also to have the cures in your own yard. Just plant these 20 herbs we have for you and have your own herbal pharmacy.


The oils in this herb have antioxidants and fight inflammation and bacteria. Add this to any meal to get more iron and vitamin A.


This herb made as tea removes indigestion, belly pains, anxiety and even skin issues.


To remove metals off the body and detox well, have this herb.


With this, you get better digestion and fight bad mouth odor.


For the flu, grab this herb!


Also removes bad breath and even soothes irritated belly.


For migraines, skin issues, arthritis too, chew the leaves of feverfew.

Herb Robert

Great herb for better immunity and healing speed. It also stops some cancer types.


Many antioxidants are packed in this herb and skin heals faster and looks better too.


Be more relaxed and just whiff smell this one. It eases up pain, is antiseptic for cuts wounds and heals bruises too.

Lemon balm

Remove stress, sleep more and better, and cure the cold sores.


To remove acne and sun spots, use this.


Good digestion and breath refreshing.

Mother of herb

Loads of vitamin, C, B and minerals like potassium and iron, all good for digestion.


The best natural diuretic and soother of the nervous system, improves bone health and is really beneficial for lung cancer easing. Eat it raw and refresh breath fast.


Rosmarinic acids and caffeic acids too, both antioxidants and fighting inflammation. It also has vitamin E and fights cancer.


If you have diabetes or hypertension, the sage is the best one, it aids in preventing Alzheimer’s and microbes, while it cleans the blood.

Sheep’s sorrel

Good for cancer patients and also a diuretic with a lot of vitamin C for fighting UTIs.

John’s Wort

Natural antidepressant.


It contains thymol or a potent antiseptic for indigestion and cough too.

Some herbs here may trigger allergies though and you must consult a doctor first.

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