The Best 6 Foods For The Eyesight And Eye Health

If your eyesight is bad, you know the struggle. This problem can stop you from doing simple everyday activities and limit you a lot. The bad thing is that 3 from 4 adult people have this issue and need glasses or contacts. Also, the cataract is increasing by the day like endemic issue and leads to loads of money, billions dollars for operating this issue, per year! Regardless if you have eye problems or not, read this just in case you need prevention at least. Be cautious and talk with the eye expert for the diet or lifestyle changes. Many foods have nutrients and vitamins good for the sharp sight and young eyes.

These are the 6 best:


The oily fish has omega 3 fat acids that are overall healthy for the heart and eyes too. Those acids stop drying of eyes, macular degeneration and risk of cataract. Fish of cold water: salmon, sardine, tuna, mackerel are the best such foods for omega 3.

Squash and carrots

Any veggie or fruit ranging from yellow to orange has a lot of carotenoids. This item has lutein and lutein keeps the retina healthy or the macula and protects it from damage from UV light and blue light. Other such foods are dry apricots, cantaloupe, sweet potato and red pepper. Not just carrots, every such veggie must not be overcooked to keep the carotenoid levels high. The carrots actually can be cooked a bit more than minimum.


This veggie has many nutrients like beta-carotene, lutein and even zeaxanthin. All of them protect the eye health and stop macular degeneration or cataract risk. Eat the kale fresh in salads or side dish to main meal, or even bake the leaves like chips. Also blend this with other veggies or fruits in smoothies. The kale has antioxidants that prevent cancer too.


This item has vitamins and proteins like the lutein and vitamin A. The vitamin A keeps you safe from blindness and dry eyes. The lutein keeps macula safe from damage of blue/UV light.


The strongest vitamin for the eye is vitamin E or the one in almonds. More nuts like this have the vitamin E. why is this vitamin good? It is antioxidant for the eyes. Since this is the case, it stops free radical damage in the eye cells. So, snack almonds and nuts.

Whole grains

If you reduce GI index in diets habits and foods, you will prevent the macular degeneration. Just switch from refined sugars and carbs to whole wheat pasta and bread, quinoa, brown rice and whole oatmeal. The whole grains also have zinc, vitamin E and niacin that aid the eyes.

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