The Best 19 Foods For Clean Arteries, Healthy Heart From Attacks And Longevity!

It is said that heart issues are the main death cause in the world. So, clogged arteries are a big risk for strokes and attacks since they impair the blood flow in the whole body. Physical inertia, stress, bad diet habits all lead to such risks. But, with the healthy diet you can prevent this.

The best healthy foods are:


The healthiest fish in the market for best heart condition due to the healthy fat acids. It lowers inflammation and triglycerides and cholesterol too. Also, eat tuna, mackerel and other fish but only organic.


They have many healthy fats or unsaturated ones omega 3 acids. Also they lower the bad cholesterol and improve memory and joint health as well. The best are walnuts and almonds for the highest fat levels. Eat them every day.


This juice has many antioxidants and keeps blood vessels healthy for a healthy pressure. Have 2 glasses per dayfor the needed daily vitamins like the C.


A spice with curcuma, the main healthy item in it. This spice decreases inflammation in tissues and stops fat excess storing. Also you can eat it in meals or make tea of it.


A refreshing fruit that opens up the vessels and makes more nitric oxide production.

Green tea

It calms you, gives energy, wakens you up and helps you slim healthy. More specific, it is antioxidant and speeds up metabolic processes while it lowers bad cholesterol. Have at least 2 cups per day.


Many studies stated that 2-4 cups daily lowers the heart attack risk by 20%, but no more than 4 cups to avoid insomnia and irritated belly.


Not the most perfect food on this list, but in normal servings it keeps healthy cholesterol and pressure.

Whole grains

This flour is full with fibers and links to cholesterol to prevent it from getting to the arteries. Brown rice, whole grain bread, oats are the best items.

Persimmon fruits

Not a popular one but full with sterols and fibers for best cholesterol levels and no plaque.


Loaded with antioxidants, proteins, vitamins, minerals and carotenoids. Eating this all the time means healthy pressure and wide vessels, also less cholesterol by 15%.


Best used in baked sweet goods and beverages. One tsp per day makes miracles for the arteries.


Full with potassium, good for the good cholesterol and lowering the bad cholesterol. Studies proved that heart risk is less by 40% with just 2 glasses daily.


Due to the abundance of phytochemicals, it speeds more nitric oxide making and improves the blood flow. This exotic fruit is also made with salads.

Olive oil

A good health addition in the diet, oil rich in healthy fat, reducing bad cholesterol and heart risks by 41%.


Helps in muscle mass creating, artery cleaning and more. This veggie is pressure-beneficial and when cooked it can lose many good ingredients, but it keeps the folic acid and potassium so the heart is safe from attacks and muscles are with healthy tissues.


A lot of people avoid this veggie, but they do not know it has many nutrients good for the heart and whole body.


For cholesterol health, this veggie is the key. It lowers inflammation, stops clogging in vessels and you can eat it in many ways; soup, noodles, potatoes, raw, in salads…


Loaded with many healthy fats, this is a health fat bomb. Especially good for strong and healthy arteries, you can combine it with; salads, omelet, bread spread, or just raw with pepper and salt.

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