If You Need To Quit Smoking This Herb Will Kill The Desire For A Cigarette. How To Grow This Herb?

We all know the bad effect of smoking and to ditch this habit is hard but not impossible. Nicotine is the one reason why we smoke and it makes us addicts. After some time as smokers, we get dependent on this nicotine and cannot keep up without it. In fact, the more we smoke the more nicotine we seek.

If we do not get the needed nicotine dose, we crave the smokes and feel stressed, hungry, anxious and angry. This is named withdrawal from smoking and needs quite some time to overcome it. Physical signs can disappear after some short while, but the craving is a test for much longer.

If you are really sure you want to quit smoking, read more below. It is about Stevia, the herb that kills need for smoking.

How is Stevia used for smoking quitting?           

It is said by German experts that stevia can cure the alcohol and cigarettes addictions. It blocks the crave signals when the body is in this process and blocks the cravings also.

This plant is part of the chrysanthemum group from Paraguay, where people used this for sweetening.

As far as smoking addiction goes, put a few drops of the stevia on your tongue if you feel smoking urges. It seems unreal but this trick is effective for killing those smoke cravings.

This item is found in every health store and supermarket, in both powder and liquid form. Also you can find this in baking good items aisle too.

To add to this, the stevia is good for diabetes, obesity and pressure. It will nourish, make tighter and smoother the skin and so thus stevia is included in beauty items too. Dermatitis and acne are cured with it as well.

How can you grow it at home?

The Stevia is growing in warm areas and low temperatures, but it can survive a winter in zones 9 or warmer, when it grows again in spring. If you protect it well, it will go through zone 8 as well.

If you grow this in a container, get a 12 inch pot and good soil quality. Put it in well lightened areas and the top must be dry on touch.

Planting, soil, care

If you plant this in a loose, loamy and drained soil it can grow to 3 meters height, of course in every adequate season depending. Before you plant the stevia, you must erase all frost. Put in the soil some veggie plant food or Bonnie Herb and stop damage and hot summer days influence on it.


The stevia is unfriendly to soggy soil and you must drain it all the time to prevent rotting of the root. If it wilts and is not recovered with water, it is useless to save it.

Harvesting and storage

When the bloom appears, remove the petal flowers and thus more leaves can grow. In the autumn stevia has white flowers and has fewer excellent leaves. Always trim and cut the blooms to have more good leaves.

The leaves are most sweet in the end of fall and taste the best before they bloom! Dry them out to make the most of stevia. Cut the stem and get the leaves, now stripe them. Spread them on a sheet or fabric outdoors.

One day is a good time amount for drying them and thus bring them inside before they get dampened by dew. If you can, use dehydrator for food and when the leaves get dry all the way, crush and grind them in the blender or processor. Put them in an air-tight container and use them instead of sugar for any meal and drink.

Source and image source: besthealthyguide.com