Seeds That Kill Cancer – Sleep, Sight And More Issues Are Affected Too

Pumpkin seeds are amazing, but why?

Anti cancer

In a Spanish study was said that the pumpkin sees have some items that kill the cancer. They have compounds that destroy the cancer cells and also prevent some other types of cancer and inflammation. In a German Study was said that women that go through menopause must eat this every day and have 23% less chances of breast cancer.


Those seeds contain tryptophan which is a good amino acid. It was used for chronic insomnia and the body uses it as melatonin the hormone for sleeping.

In the Nutritional Neuroscience study publication, was said that the tryptophan of a gourd seeds and the carbs too is the same as insomnia meds. Have a handful or just a few seeds before sleeping at night, a bit of carbs and fruits too. This makes you have more melatonin.

Better sight

These seeds are rich in zinc that is vital for good immunity. Also it helps you have better vision, sleep, mood and skin. Also, the seeds have fibers, manganese, phosphor, proteins and potassium. So, these seeds also aid in weight loss and have proteins too, so you feel satiated. In 30 g of seeds you get 5 g protein.

Plant base protein

As to the USDA database of nutrition, in 1 cup roasted seeds is equal to 285 calories, 11.87 g protein, 12.42 g fat, 11.8 g fibers. This is all you need! This is of course different than animal proteins, but it is healthy and good the same way. You don’t have to eat a lot of red meat to get proteins, just have these seeds. And even though the fat is high level, it is a healthy fat anyway.

Potassium balance

We need this mineral for almost anything, muscles contraction, fluid balance, minerals and hypertension, also recurring kidney stones, bone loss and more. The Institute of Medicine of the National Academies of Science said adult people need 4.700 mg potassium daily, so consider the seeds – in 1 cup they have 588 g minerals! And compare it with banana that has less, 422 mg!

Healthy prostate

Studies showed that the oil of this seed and the seeds both are great for prostate health and benign prostaic hyperplasia (large prostate). Magazines for prevention said that items like phytosterols can actually shrink the prostate. Also they have chemicals that change the testosterone to dilhydrotestosterone (the one factor for enlarged prostate).


One magazine published that the L-tryptophan of the seeds boosts good mood and fights depression too. Also, the India Times said eating these seeds before bed means better quality sleep.

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