Remove Lipids And Cholesterol, Blood Glucose And Triglycerides Too!

Some years ago, an ex professor showed me one blood analysis and I was amazed and surprised!

The main parameters: urea, blood glucose, cholesterol, lipids and triglycerides were abnormal and way too high than the allowed normal levels! The person that had this result is impossible to be alive in any way! Then my professor told me that this analysis was something different….and he kept the name of the patient hidden.

Then I saw the name hidden in his hand – it was HIS! It was my professor that had this abnormal analysis. I was shocked and I kept asking why or how is that possible? But then I saw another analysis with a different date and it was perfect, with no health problems at all. He said to me to see the dates and compare everything. The gap between the dates was JUST 30 days!

I kept asking how is it possible? He told me that his doctor saved his life and told him of a method that have promised good results. Now I do this method every year at least once to keep my health and I check my blood all the time, so I repeat the method if needed. Try it.

This is the whole thing: for 4 weeks, purchase raw pumpkin from the bazaar. Peel 100 g of it and blend the pieces. Add water and nothing else. Mix it well and make it as smoothie of pumpkin. Take this at least 20 min before the breakfast and do this for 30 whole days to affect the cholesterol. What is good here is that you control this method and you can compare analyses before and after it.


The doctor said there were no side effects because there is no added sugar and it is just a fruit! My excellent professor researched on the pumpkin and found out that it can affect the bad LDL cholesterol and remove it through the urine. Besides cleansed arteries, this method wil make you energetic and healthier.

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