Take Honey For Scar Fading, Slowed Aging And Less Hair Loss

Beauty comes from the inside, but also from the outside. And it can come from bees too! Honey is the miracle item used for beauty and health. It resolves dark circles under the eyes, skin patches and such issues. Honey is cheap, healthy, natural and effective for even dandruff or acne and much more.

This honey is more than just health and beauty. Is also antioxidant, antiseptic, antibacterial and removes inflammation as well. And the skin will be thankful for it!

The best 10 honey benefits:

Scar fading

Any scar no matter what kind can be faded with this. It is hard to do it, but honey aids in fading a bit at least. It also makes the damaged skin heal better and have more new cells. Mix equal parts honey and coconut oil that is raw. Massage the skin and do it in motions for 2 min. place a cloth now and leave it to cool. Wipe with cloth or cotton and repeat again.

Psoriasis cure

This issue is autoimmune and damages the skin. It causes redness, blisters, itch and lesions. Honey won’t CURE this but it will soothe it and remove infections.

The honey also removes dryness, patches or peeling. In 2003, in a study of the Complementary Therapies in Medicine was claimed that topical honey use and beeswax too or olive oil cures psoriasis and dermatitis. Mix 1 tsp honey and oil and same part beeswax. Wamr it up in the microwave and stir. Let it melt and cool. Use as lotion on needed areas few times daily. Do not pick or scratch that area!


Honey also removes germs and soothes wounds. It extracts the excess fluids and speeds up the healing time. It prevents microorganisms to infect the area more. In In a study of 2013, Cochrane Database Systematic Reviews claimed that honey treats wounds but minor ones, not ones like post-surgery or ulcer. For minor issues, use the Manuka. Make a thick layer directly to the cut wound and place a bandage. Remove it after some hours and wipe with a cloth.


The acne is formed due to too much skin oil inside the pores and dirt trapped inside. The honey wipes the bacteria and acts like antibiotic that removes inflammation too. Use it raw on the acne and surrounding skin. After 30 min rinse this and repeat it the same day. Mix 1 tbsp honey and ½ tspcinnamon, leave it for 15 min on the acne skin and rinse.

Slower ageing of skin

Because it has antioxidants, the skin is protected by the honey from the free radicals and prevented from early aging. Mix same parts honey and lemon juice and apply on the neck and face. Then rinse it and repeat again during that week. Or mix 2 tbsphoney and pulp of avocado. Put the mask on the face with the fingers and after 30 min rinse the face. Repeat every week.

Hair loss

The honey is antioxidant and kills germs too and bacteria. Dandruff is also under control so mix 1 tbsp honey and same part onion juice. Massage the skin on the head and roots and after 30 min, use shampoo. Do this twice weekly. Also, make hair mask with same parts honey and yoghurt. Apply on wet hair and use shampoo after 40 min. repeat 3 times in a week.

Soft hands

Dry hand skin is also a health problem. The skin can be aching and cream does not always help. Massage honey on the hands and rinse after 10 min. then apply the cream. Also mix glycerin and honey same parts and leave it to dry on the hands, then rinse with water. Do it daily.

Source and image source: onlinehealthsociety.com