Smoothie Recipes For Cancer Fighting And Prevention

The best method for fighting cancer is a healthy diet and good meals. Still, we do not have all the time to prepare this and smoothies are always a good idea, they are healthy, natural and quick to make.

They have loads of minerals, vitamins and are tasty as well.

If you have cancer or know those people that try to cure the cancer, see the recipes below and see how much antioxidants they have for removing inflammation and stop the cancer.

  1. You need kale 2 handfuls, 1 cup strawberries, 2 tbsp chia seed, 1 and ½ cup coconut water

Blend everything and get vitamins C, A, K and potassium, chlorophyll among other minerals and antioxdiants.

  1. You need a banana, an apple, 2 handfuls broccoli, 1 and ½ cup alkaline water.

This smoothie stops inflammation and due to the nutrients, antioxidants and vitamins A and C.

  1. For this one you need an orange, cup of spinach, cup of pineapple, 1 and ½ cup green tea brewed.

This also stops inflammation and kills cancer cells. You will also get vitamins A and C that keep you safe from illnesses even the chronic ones, and cancer too. Besides it has folic acid and iron.

  1. You need a banana, 1 cup strawberries, cup of papaya, bee pollen 1 pinch, 1 and ½ cup coconut milk.

Blend everything and enjoy a tasty and healthy smoothie meal. Get all the antioxidants and vitamins (B and C), also potassium of the banana and from the coconut milk lauric acid. This one is alkaline by benefits and stops acidity inside the body. If you are alkaline, the immunity is better and healthy toward inflammation reactions.

When you prepare the smoothies for cancer prevention, keep in mind that the healthiest items are the kale, strawberries, coconut, hemp oil and chia. These are the ultimate best and chase off the free radicals that cause tumors or cancer.

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