Lower Cholesterol In Natural Ways And Fast Too!

One study proved that prevention of heart attack is made by control over the bad LDL cholesterol and keeping it under 100 or no more than 100. But, if you have it 80and below, this is perfect for the heart and health in general. You can lower this by having some meds, but they have side effects and elevate the liver enzymes, cause muscle pain and loss of memory too.

The good part is that you can try many methods that are med-free and solve this issue. Just change bad habits and bad diet regimes.

Limit some foods

Try to avoid cholesterol foods and trans fats, dietary cholesterol and saturated fats. Think of butter, fatty meats, shellfish, and organic meats too. If you buy packed food see the hydrogenated fat in the label and drop it instantly!

Have the best foods

Many foods improve the health and this issue, and those with fiber the most. 2 types of fiber exist: soluble and insoluble. To remove bad cholesterol and lower it, eat more soluble fibers. Opt for fruits, veggies, barley and oats.

Lose weight

This is another big factor. Like heart issues and diabetes, obesity is opened door for more problems. It is tough to lose weight we all know that. Limit fat foods, workout more and eat healthy. Try and do your best!

Have red wine

To be healthier, avoid alcohol. But, red wine is one type of alcohol that Is healthy in moderation. It is made of red grapes Tempranillo which lowers bad cholesterol. A study of the Universidad Compultense de Madrid, Spain, said consumers of red wine have a drop in the LDL cholesterol by 12%.

If you want to avoid meds, try our advices. It can really work if you try your best!

Source and image source: stethnews.com