The Best 10 Benefits Of Mint Leaf And Facts You Need To Know

These leaves are green, fresh, aromatic and they are much more than just this! Read more to be amazed about their benefits and usage.

Even in history, mint was used for cooking and drink or even aroma adding. Also it was used as medicine too for thousands of years and there is proof of it even in the Egyptians ancient times. It spanned from Europe to Asia and it was main item in salads, soups, juices and curries.

What is great about this herb is that if you have it raw and fresh in the mouth, it leaves a nice aftertaste and lasts a long time. So, it is also used for that reason in toothpastes, gums, breath fresheners and mouthwash too.

Also It was thought that in Asian cultures, they grew mint much stronger in taste than in Europe. And, this herb is found worldwide, during the whole year.

Let’s see the nutrition and facts. The leaves are full of antioxidants and vitamins like C, A, B6, K, folate, carotene and riboflavin too. The minerals inside are iron, potassium, magnesium, manganese and calcium.

These are the best 10 benefits of mint:

Better digestion

The crucial function promoted by this leaf. It makes saliva glands more active and enzymes for digestion are more produced. To have best results, take mint tea regularly. Also, use it for colic pain and gastro issues.

Irritable bowel syndrome IBS

Studies proved that IBS is soothed with mint, children and adults both, and pain is removed in the stomach with it as well.

Respiratory issues and asthma

The mint is like decongestant due to its aroma. It relieves the respiratory tract and organs. For those with asthma, it is like medicine and makes you breathe relaxed. It is put in many such inhalers for this reason. Other studies proved that it is good for tuberculosis patients too. To have quick relief, get 4-5 leaves and put them in boiling water. Inhale the steam over the pot when this is done.

Lowering pressure

They have potassium and lower hypertension while they level good the pulse and heartbeat. Also, mint is excellent for the skin too. It can even treat acne, irritation, itching, bug bites and more. The mint juice cleanses the skin really nice. To freshen up tired skin, mix rose water and mint leaves in spray bottle. Spray the face and be amazed.

Oral health

Bad breath is removed with mint and bacteria is chased away from the mouth, this way cavities are prevented! This is why toothpastes have mint, tongue sprays, mouthwash items and so on. If the mint leaf is dry, it is also used as whitener for teeth (this was middle age method).

Less pain

Mint can also be pain removal herb for the muscles, head and stomach as well. For leg pain, mix sea salt 1 cup, 1/3 cup olive oil and 8 drops mint essential oil. Massage the feet with this for 10 minutes and then rinse. This works also for the muscle aches.

No nausea

If you feel nauseated smell mint or mint oil. This is especially useful for chemo patients, so for general nausea always have mint leaves nearby.

For depression

Tea made of fresh mint is stress killer! It can even cure the depression.

Better memory

Improve memory by smelling and sniffing mint. Studies stated that mint smell makes you more alert, focused and precise.

Cancer prevention

The mint has menthol in its compounds and this is beneficial for prostate cancer especially.

How is mint tea made?

By now you know the mint tea and mint benefits overall. It is easily made at home and fast too. Get 1 cup water, add few mint leaves (5-6) and let it boil. After 5 minutes, strain it and get ready for detoxifying and cleansing the blood among other benefits.

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