Finally, The Secret For Better Memory Up To 80%! Brain Recovers Faster, Vision Is Better And Bones Are Stronger

This is a list of 15 natural methods and cures for better memory and brain work also. Just read and try some of them:


The best natural cure for memory boost and focus. Rosemary! Yes that is it! The compounds in the rosemary make the brain work better and the smell is beneficial too. Put the plant in the bedroom or use the oil for massaging.


They have many nitrates and make the blood flow better while the brain is improved.


Eat the eggs whole, for breakfast is the best. Memory and brain will benefit a lot from this and the yolk has choline, which is crucial for the brain.


Salmon, sardines, black cod are the best fatty fish examples with loads of omega 3.


They improve the circulation to the brain.


This fruit is full with antioxidants that stop oxidation damage.


Eat them raw

Whole grains

They combine fiber, carbs and omega 3 fat acids to make a power combo for the brain.


A potent antioxidant lycopene is the main ingredient here. It stops free radical damage

Green tea

For sharper focus and memory, have 2-3 cups daily. This tea makes you more focused and alert and aids in the electrical links in the brain.

Black chocolate

Also full of antioxidants and a bit of caffeine, makes the memory really sharp and focus better.

Squash acorn

It is full of B12 vitamin and folic acid too that stop brain injuries.


They give you more oxygen flow and nutrients for the vessels inside. Also they have omega 3 fat acids for more brain health.


It has the main curcuma which is vital for the overall health and reducing inflammation too.


They are the best fruit for a fit body and also nourish the brain memory.

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