A Herb That Makes Eyesight Better For People Over 70 – It Even Resolves Eye Pressure

The euphrasia rost ko Viana or eyebright is a natural cure for every eye problem dating from the 14th century. There is a legend that says how this plant was called Euphrasia in Roman time In history and this was after the Euphrosyini Greek migrate, this means joy! This plant was a joy for every person that had eye problems, since it cured them! It is even said it improves vision for elder people over 70 or 80.

The plant

This plant is 8 inches tall and has deep cut leaves, the blossom is purple or white. It blooms between July and September and has parasitic nature so it needs vicinity of grass.

What part is used of it?

In blooming phase extaract is made. This is in July/August and the liquid of it has chemicals like tannin and tannin acid, mannitol and glucose, they all are water soluble and like sweet alcohol on taste.

What it does to the eyes?

In alternative medicines, this plant is great for eye treatments and infections of the eye. Also it makes healing faster, removes eye viruses and eye dryness/pan.

Inflammation is lessened too and the eyelash follicles feel soothed, conjunctivitis is cured and inflammation of eyelids removed. It can be used like eye drops.

Why is it good for respiratory tract too?

This extract also kills inflammation like hay fever, sinusitis, respiratory tract infection or catarrh too. Also it is used like astringent for curing dry congestion too. It can be made into herbal smoking mix as well from the dry herbs for bronchitis. And it soothes nasal issues and allergies too.

What about skin wounds?

This herb is astringent and heals the wounds too. You can apply it topically like compress or treat acne and inflammation of skin. It can also tighten the skin fast too!


The best dose for adult is 2-4 g dry herb, 3 times daily. For tea, 200 ml boiling water and 2 tsps dry eyebright. The water has to be infused 15 min and then stirred. Strain it and drink this tea 3 times per day. If you use as eye drops, the dose is 5 times tops in one day, one drop only.


This can be found in liquid, teabags, dry leaves, tincture, tablets, oil and powder too. Also, online purchase is made as well.

Source and image source: healthyfoodplans.net