Even One Month Before The Heart Attack, The Body Can Warn You. These Are The 6 Signs

The heart attack is reason number one for deaths in USA so you must recognize this in time to prevent properly.

There Is a great number of heart attacks in the USA due to bad diets and stress lifestyle habits.

Not just inflammation, but stress causes this too.

The crucial thing here is that to prevent heart attack you must LIVE HEALTHY. And if you have signs of this problem even month before it happens, you can stop it.

Weak body

If the arteries are narrow there is less blood flow and this makes you weak overall.

Cold sweat and being dizzy

The bad blood flow also means the brain gets less blood too. This makes you have cold sweats and being dizzy. If you also feel unwell the brain cannot work well too.

Pressure in the chest

Another sign; if the heart attack will happen you might feel pressure in the torso and also the shoulders, arms and back.

Cold and flu

Survivors of these attacks reported having cold and flu before it happened.


This might be due to less blood flow and narrow arteries so the heart works slower and you are more tired. See the doctor if this happens.

Short breaths

This Is because the lungs get not enough blood to work healthy. The lungs and heart go hand in hand for tandem work so if one is unwell the other is too. Short breath is a danger sign.

If you noticed some or all of these, be careful! See the doctor immediately and change the habits to healthier in food, exercise and stress!

Source and image source: choosehealthylife.com