Canadian Scientist Found A Plant That Removes Cancer Cells

Experts work on such issues every day in the whole world, usually on herbs, plants, flowers or veggies that can aid in fighting cancer.

Dandelion is a type of weed that everyone plucks from the grass since it is harmful for grass lawns

A new study of the University of Windsor, Canada, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry said this dandelion tea affects cancer.

The Canadian experts said the dandelion tea removes cancer in just 48 hours

This herb is really good for many reasons. The root of the dandelion kills the cancer.

Also, the root is like diuretic and makes more bile, cleanses liver, aids in allergies, and reduces bad cholesterol. It has many minerals and vitamins too like: B6, riboflavin, thiamin, iron, vitamin C, potassium, calcium, folic acid and magnesium too.

The story of a man who avoided death…

This is a 72 year old man John Di Carlo, and he had really hard and aggressive chemo for 3 years. Then doctors made him go home for his last days prior death, but he came up with the idea of dandelion tea. After 4 months, he had cancer remission!

How is dandelion root stored?

This root is stored fresh or dry and before you dry it, the leaves have to be peeled and cut equally in small pieces. Then, the dry dandelion is kept in fresh air. Put it all on some surface or cool place with good ventilation.

It might take up to 2 weeks and then you can see the leaves getting brittle. This way the dry root has medicine benefits the most and can last to a whole year. Store it in a jar and place in dark spot.

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