Resolve Strep Throat The Natural Way With No Antibiotics And In Just 1 Day

The streptococcus is a bacteria that makes strep throat and this causes pain and inflammation in the throat. Many people suffer from this and it is common.

But this issue is mostly seen in kids less than 13 years of age.

The good part is that we have many natural methods to cure this with no meds and they can remove inflammation and attack the bacteria only. Read below…


This food is great for all health issues. It is healing food and great for the throat too. Even some bandages for wounds have honey in them.


This vinegar also cures the throat. Gargle and use a mix of ACV and warm water. It must be diluted this way, so use 8 oz water and 3 big spoons ACV. Increase with ¼ cup vinegar and 16 oz water if needed. After 30 min, the throat will be better.

Vitamin C

Have tea with lemon and honey for this effect, since this vitamin kills bacteria, soothes and removes inflammation.


This pepper even cures joint or muscle pains and gets inside the skin. But the taste is strong and can irritate the throat so try to apply capsaicin paste instead on the lymphs of the neck and throat.

If you do not have this paste, mix well carrier oil and 1 tsp cayenne ground. Also use coconut or olive oil for replacement.

More advice:

Medical studies advise that this strep is also cured with oils like the cinnamon, sage, thyme, grapefruit, lavender, lemongrass or lemon oil. They all remove bacteria and protect.

To remove pain fast, mix 5 drops of such oils and water a bit. Heat up and do it before boiling. Inhale the vapor of it a few minutes. Repeat few times daily.

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