Remove The Kidney Stones With This Drink. Only Half Cup Is Enough

Kidney stones are unpleasant and a medical issue for many people. The pain they cause is really excruciating. If you have them, use lemon juice for both cure and prevention.

Usually, medical experts cure this with potassium citrate and studies proved that this is with natural citrates. Doctors say lemon juice is great for such curing. It is lemonade therapy!

Why is citric acid good for this issue?

This acid prevents stones to form and even the smallest are stopped to form. If they already are made, they are broken down in small pieces. More acidic urine means less tones since this acid is unfriendly to the stones and they cannot get bigger.

Both limes and lemons have this acid the most of all fruits and the medicine dose of this acid is also good when prescribed properly. But, for that you need to spend money and drink tablets every day.

Make the kidney healthier with ½ cup of this drink

With just 4 oz of this drink lemonade every day you can solve this issue or make 32 oz lemonade it is the same what you choose. They both have the needed acid.

Have lemon juice of 2 lemons and dilute it with water, 6 oz. have this twice in the morning and at night too. Increase to 4 oz with time.

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