Balance The Emotions And Have More Energy With These Exercises For Hands

The Jin Shin Jyutsu is Japanese therapy that works with touch and you can do it yourself or on others. This way, there is a balance between emotions and also the meridians on the hands.

These are the principles:

  1. Every finger is linked to various organs that connect emotions with our attitude. There is also a chart in this article to look at and see the balance for the body.
  2. Hold the finger for a specific organ that needs healing or and also the emotion that needs to be controlled. Breathe deeply and do this for 5 minutes.
  3. Harmonize the whole body this way and also use the chart for guidance.

A: thumb.

The organs are spleen and stomach. The emotions are depression, anxiety, and worrying. Physical signs are stomach pain, headache, skin issues and nervous attitude.

B: index finger.

The organs are bladder and kidney also. The emotions are fear, frustration, mental confusing. The physical signs are: discomfort in the upper arm, wrist, elbow, pain in the back muscles, toothache, gum problems, addictions and digestion issues.

C: middle finger.

The organs are gallbladder and liver. The emotions: anger, indecisiveness, irritability. The physical signs are: blood flow problems, menstruation problems, sight problems, migraine, fatigue and frontal headache.

D: ring finger.

The organs are large intestine and lungs. The emotions: sadness, negativity, rejection fear, and grief. The physical signs are digestion problems, ear ringing, asthma and respiratory issues, deep skin problems.

E: little finger.

The organs are small intestine and heart. The emotions are nervousness, insecurity, judging, and also bad self-esteem. The physical signs are: hypertension, heart problems, bloating, bone and also nerves complications.

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