Prevent Breast Cancer In 8 Best Ways

The American Cancer Society stated that 1 in 8 women of USA will have breast cancer sometime in the life. This is the same as 2 members of football team, 3 of yoga class and 5 random you see on the street. But, luckily there are natural and healthy ways to prevent this.

More walnut snacks

A study of Marshall University School of Medicine stated that 2 handfuls walnuts per day prevents against breast cancer. Also it changes the tumor growth due to the antioxidants, phytosterols and omega 3s.


A study with more than 2000 Chinese women stated that after the known cancer risks like smoking or obesity too, the people that ate 10 grams button mushrooms daily had 64% less chances of cancer. Also, the mushrooms curb the estrogen and improve immunity.

No alcohol

Even 1-2 drinks in one day can increase risk of tumor from estrogen and progesterone said the National Cancer Institute. Beer and other booze increases this risk.

Pesticides away

Some pesticides can imitate the estrogen and go to some cells of hormones. Mayo Clinic said that women with more pesticide amount in their breasts had more risk of cancer. Buy organic!

Steep sip

Women younger than 50 that had tea few times per day had 37% less risk of cancer than others., said the Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers & Prevention. The flavonoids of teas can fight free radicals that make us ill.

Less radiation

The NCI advises that radiation to the chest in puberty makes more cancer risks. A study of 2007 in the International Journal of Cancer said women with X rays to the chest even for pneumonia had more risk of cancer.

Less fat

Elder women that had 2 oz saturated fat or red meat for a week had 56% more risk chances, stated the study of 2007 University Leeds.


Stress increases risk of cancer. Israeli experts in 2008 said that women under more stress had more cancer risk than happier women.

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