With Natural Methods End The Issues Like Warts, Moles, Skin Tags, Blackheads And Age Spots

Such issues of the skin can be resolved in natural ways with no great time needed or money either for cosmetics that cause many side effects.

Natural is always the best way, and for skin this is always a rule.

For moles for example, they are seen in both adults and kids too and are normal mostly. They are also known as melanocytes which a group of close bonded knit pigment cells on the skin that appear due to genes or sun exposure.

Remove moles naturally

  1. Baking soda and castor oil– make a paste from these 2 and apply it on the mole only. Put bandage to secure it for the night. Then take it off and wash well in the morning. Do it daily every night.
  2. Garlic– make sure the surrounding mole skin has petroleum jelly or masking tape, then press some garlic directly to the mole. Put a bandage and after 4 hours see for the results.
  3. ACV– get a cotton ball and soak in in the ACV on the mole, then put bandage to sit for 8 hours. The mole will darken and fall off with time.

Remove warts this way:

The HPV or human papilloma virus makes the warts. They show like small or mucous membranes on the skin and regular curing means freezing them or curing them with salicylic acid.

But in natural ways, you can use bananas. Rub the peel of this fruit on the wart every night for 14 days. Then the wart with time will fade.

Source and image source: healthyfoodstar.com