Spread Salt In The House And See An Amazing Trick

For centuries even, people have used salt for home and cleaning. The salt is not toxic and this is why it was used in the past in the houses.

Salt is cheap and affordable, and chemicals are toxic and not cheap.

Salt against ants

To stop ants from invading the house rooms, cabinets windows or storages use salt. Sprinkle it everywhere needed and in the kitchen too. Also this will remove excess moisture.

As natural copper/silver/brass polisher

If you need to clean such materials and avoid losing their vibrant color and shine, take salt. Make a mix of salt, ACV and wipe these metals to make them shiny and stainless.

Cleanser for the car windows and household cleaner

Mix few tbsp. salt and gallon water, lukewarm. Use it on windows and stains. Also for polishing glass. The windows of the car are cleaned with this well too.

Shiny sink drain

Mix salt and hot water and pour it in the sink. The grease will be removed and clogging too, the odor gone and the sink will be shiny.

Younger skin

Use salt for refreshing baths. Mix it with lavender and olive oil. Apply on the body or bath water and rinse. The salt will make the skin smoother and tighter, also exfoliated.

Vibrant colors of rugs and curtains

To make rugs and carpets like new again, mix salt and water. Apply with dipped cloth and then wash the carpets. After the rubbing with the cloth of course. This removes stains that even chemicals cannot.

Tooth treatment use

For toothache or sores in the mouth, mix warm water and salt. Gargle with this and swish it.

Whitening of teeth and oral care

Mix same parts salt and baking soda for whitening teeth. Use this few times per week tops

Better washed clothes

Put salt during the last rinse wash and stop shrinkage of clothes. This is really important for drying clothes on the sun.

Source and image source: healthandlovepage.com