Put Vicks On Garlic Clove And See The Trick!

We all use Vicks VapoRub for cold, headaches, cough, congested nose, chest and throat problems and so on. But, Vicks is more than just this.

It was used years back even for decongesting. Now it is strange to know how many purposes this balm has. It is more than congested chest cure!

These below are the amazing 20 uses for Vicks. Be amazed!

Sinus headache– put some of this under the nose and breathe deep to soothe headaches.

Repel mosquitoes– rub Vicks on the skin or clothes and mix a bit Vaseline into this

For acne– soothe skin issues by putting Vicks on the acne few times per day.

Chase away insects– apply behind the ears, elbows, neck and knees. Also keep food safe from flies by having Vicks open nearby. This is also ecofriendly.

No bruises– a bruise will fade fast if you put salt and Vicks on that area.

Soothe soreness in muscles– massage the muscles with this and wrap warm dry towel after that. Lift the limb and the pain is no more there.

Hydration to skin– for dry skin apply Vicks where the skin needs moisture.

Tennis elbow– mix Vicks, menthol and camphor on the elbow for instant pain removal.

Cracked heels– put it on feet and heels and then put socks on. In the morning, rinse the feet with warm water and use pumice stone. Do it daily for gorgeous feet.

Toenail and fingernail fungi– put Vicks on these skin and nail areas and trim the nails regularly for removal of infection.

And 10 more..

Less congestion and cough– simply place it on the throat or chest with massage.

No cat scratches– to stop the cat from doing this, rub Vicks on the walls, chairs, windows, doors…

Heal cuts and splinters– this also stops infections from spreading more.

Reek-free racehorse– if you do racing and also horse keeping, put the Vicks under the horse’s nostril on the race day. The horses won’t go after the female ponies and also be focused on the race.

Stretch mark– reduce the skin stretch marks by putting the Vicks on that skin part and after 2 weeks you will see results.

Pet peeing control– to stop the uncontrolled pet peeing, put open Vicks on those house corners.

No eczema– it can reduce the inflammation of such skin issues too.

Ear pain– put cotton in Vicks and then place it in the ear. Pain is gone right away.

Athlete’s feet– apply it 2 times in a day for results.

No warts– put the Vicks on warts with a dipped gauze. Results are seen after few days. After 14 days, the wart will be gone.

Source and image source: healthyfoodandsporttips.com