An Elder Man Cured His Cancer With Cannabis Oil And Left The Hospital!

The cancer is not just an illness but money making industry too from those that promote chemo as good and healthy.

Those people say that chemo and similar cures prolong the life but it is the opposite, radiation and chemo attack healthy cells too, not just sick ones.

Both chemo and radiation are harmful. It is poison masked as medicine. And the famous cancer curing makes 2nd stage cancers.

Dr. Dave Mihailovic a naturopath and expert for vaccines said something on prevention..

Never has chemo made a better health for someone. Even good outcome chemo will leave a bad mark and worsen the health in the future, he said.

A lot of people do not know that chemo kills the cancer but the neighbor healthy cells too. And also the healthy cells make a bad protein that supports cancer cells.

In these curing methods, usually tumors disappear but appear again after some time.

Stan Rutner and his story

Barb Rutner is his wife and her husband Stand is 80. After 59 marriage years, both have had cancer. Stan, a dentist, had a small business when his world fell apart and he got the non-Hodgkin lymphoma 25 years ago. Barb beat the breast cancer prior this, twice.

Stan recalls that he thought it was just flu or cold. But it turned out to be cancer.

After half a year of such medical tortures, Stan got into remission in 1989. He was okay at this point, but in 2011 he got the cancer again. He had chronic cough and nothing else now.

Then he got concerned and saw his doctor. The diagnosis was pneumonia first stage. Then the doctor saw strange spots on the lungs and it was LUNG CANCER. And it was stage 4 with brain metastases too!

The doctor was sharp and direct in delivering these news.


Quality of life after the diagnosis

The radiation and chemo were harsh on his health. When he started them he lost weight and felt nauseous all the time, also he had fatigue.

Barb said that he was almost rail thin. When the radiation was over on 25th June, he got in the hospital AGAIN on July 13th for pneumonitis radiation problems. This was visit number 3 and they kept him 7 days now for oxygen 24/7. And palliative care stared…

His doctors gave him just few weeks left and said hospice is the best now. This was August 12th, 2011.

The whole family researched on more than just regular medicine. He even tried the Reiki, acupuncture or visualizing things but did not helped at all. Barb had this and helped her, still, her husband wasn’t that lucky.

Their daughter Corine and her fiancée, said cannabis was a good potential treatment.

Barb even said that both Corine and John read on the medical cannabis and this was the only resort left for Stan before he died, if that was the certain thing. Corine said one capsule a day is enough and he started taking them. This was November 2011 and at first he took 1/3 capsule and gradually increased it. After 2 weeks, he gave up the oxygen treatment of the hospital!

Stan wanted to try this last thing and he had nothing to lose at that time.

He said that he was dying so this was it.

The turnaround

After few weeks of the cannabis, his issues resolved bit by bit and he gained weight. He also had better sleep, ditched the oxygen and had workouts. This was amazing. After few months of the cannabis the MRI was astonishing!

Barb again recalls how in 2013, January 27th, the results were NOC CANCER. The metastasis and lung cancer were both gone and the doctor was amazed. The real doctors were the Rutner family.

Corine was afraid her dad would not see her get married, but he was happily attending his daughter’s wedding and is STILL in remission phase.


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