Cancer Risk Because Of Hot Dogs

I love hot dogs and even when I was a kid I liked it very much. It was a good snack for the microwave preparing after classes. When my mom worked, my dad made these with mac n cheese too. That was awesome!

And yes, the 4th July picnics had such foods and grilled foods too. It was the best holiday of the year and Americans on average eat 155 wieners! And 7 billion are eaten only on Labor Day!

What is the catch now?

Those that eat more than a dozen hotdogs in a month have 9 times more risk of children leukemia than adults even, said an epidemiologist for a cancer journal. Other similar reports were of Cancer Causes and Control and said that kids whose mothers ate hot dogs during pregnancy hade more risks of brain tumors and also children whose fathers ate these during conception periods.

Hot dogs nitrates and what things are harmful in hot dogs?

The additive nitrite is a carcinogen in a way. Many studies proclaimed this in the last year, eating hotdogs can cause cancer in children.

Peters et al. examined more on the link between some foods and leukemia in kids age 0-10, Los Angeles 1980-87. Those with more than 12 per month had 9 times bigger risk for the leukemia. Als this goes for fathers who ate this and had their semen and genes quality changed.

Experts Sarusua and Savitz examined the child cancer in Denver and said mothers that ate hot dogs more than once in a week, when pregnant, increased the child’s risk for brain tumor.

Bunin et al. said that material in this food for pregnant women can increase that same risk too.

How is cancer formed due to hot dogs?

This food has nitrites that preserve the shelf life and fight the botulism toxicity. But in cooking the nitrites with amines of meat can make carcinogens n-nitroso. Also the nitrites and amines of our stomach form the n-nitroso too. They cause cancer and also oral cavity issues, cancer of the bladder, esophagus, brain and stomach.

Even veggies have nitrites but is it risky for cancer?

Nitrites are also found in green veggies like celery, spinach and lettuce. But it is not so risky, it even reduces the chance of cancer. This is due to formation of n-nitroso from amines and nitrites. Those same veggies also have vitamin D and C and stop the n-nitroso making. So, veggies are healthy.

Other foods that have nitrites?

Every type of cured meat and even bacon or cured fish.

Is every hot dog risky for kids?

Not every type. Modern refrigerating habits make this less risky; nitrites are used for the red color we see and not so much for the preserving. The hot dogs with no nitrite are brownish and in limited markets due to not being as popular. When they are cooked they are just the same in taste, but healthier.

The 4 things you should do:

  1. Never buy nitrite ones. Also never for kids or people that want to conceive. Or at least reduce them to less than 12 a month.
  2. Search for nitrite free hotdogs in markets or order them from the seller
  3. Talk with the school board to serve healthier hotdogs to the kids
  4. Reach FDA and write them that these hotdogs must be labeled so children will not eat them, and consider the petition CPC.

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