Boil An Egg To Control The Blood Sugar

The diets we have are crucial for the health. Sadly, we all have unhealthy habits and ingest chemicals without knowing. To do routine checks is a good alternative, but that can reveal all minor and serious issues too. Deficits or imbalances are considered silent killers and become more serious.

One example is the diabetes. This is when the body does not use insulin the proper way. Diabetics have diabetes 2 mostly and this number gets bigger. Always check the blood sugar at least every 2 months. If this is above 126 mg/dL or 200 mg/dL it is diabetes.

But there is good news and that is high sugar level can be prevented or stopped if you eat boiled eggs, water and vinegar!

Preparing the boiled egg

Eat one in the afternoon; but take it, boil it, peel it and drill small holes inside. Use a fork for this and just poke it. Then place it in bowl with vinegar to sit during the night.

In the morning, eat it and drink water. By doing this daily, you will lower the blood sugar.

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