Remove Blackheads Naturally And Minimize Pores

It is common to have big pores or blackheads. This is due to acne and clogged follicles on the skin.

The pores turn black with dirt and toxins.

Why are blackheads made?

Every hair follicle makes oil beneath and has a hair root. Then, a bump appears on the skin and if dead skin cells pile up with the oil and dirt together, the follicle clogs or opens. Then oxygen gets to it and a blackhead is formed.

These things can trigger blackheads:

  • Bad skin care
  • Age
  • Hormone issues
  • Pills
  • Genes
  • Oil amount

Blackhead signs

The acne form is not just as regular pimple. It is dark and bumpy and mostly on the nose, back, neck and shoulders too.

How to eliminate them?

To clear the skin of blackheads, use natural ingredients and methods.

Proper cleaning

Skin cleaning is ESSENTIAL now. For example, wash the face two times per day. In the morning and in the evening use good cleanser for your skin type. It must not have alcohol or oil since you can worsen the situation.

Wash with hands only!

Then rinse with lukewarm water to open the clean pores and apply cleanser in circular motions. In the end use cold water for rinse to close the clean pores and tap dry the face.

If you have oily skin, use astringent in the end for any left dirt.

Natural methods

Make a mix of milk and nutmeg. The lactic milk acid removes the dead cells and nutmeg removes bacteria. The paste is from 1 tbsp milk and ½   tbsp. nutmeg for topical use. Wash after 20 min. repeat 2 times per week for clear skin.

Moisturize after that with honey if you like. Or cleanse the skin with lemon for brighter tan. Rub these on the skin for few minutes and rinse.

If you pick the blackheads, they will only spread. Do not touch and just clean the skin gently.

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