Make A Detox For The Body In Just 3 Days

It is hard to resist tasty food and replace it with healthy, right?

But we must switch to healthy foods and detoxes for keeping the health as much as we can. This detox takes only 3 days to give results.

Before you start, avoid toxins.

Have a cup of herb laxative tea. The lungs must be clear of any blocking toxins.

After this, in the morning make 2 lemons juice with water before the breakfast meal. Eat alkaline foods like this to make the lungs more clear and regenerated.

For the breakfast have grape juice or pineapple if you prefer that taste. These juices are vitamin bombs and clean the lungs perfectly.

Then before the lunch have carrot juice. This juice makes the blood alkaline and helps in the detox. It is good for the respiratory organs since it has beta-carotenes and they aid in vitamin A absorbing.

Make the juice that has potassium by squeezing sea greens, celery, parsley, spinach and carrots. The potassium is a good antioxidant that detoxes well. During lunch have potassium juice and before the dinner have 1 cum mucus cleanse juice. Or find this as tea in health food shops.

Before bed at night, have 340 ml pure natural cranberry juice that removes lung bacteria. The cranberry is great for the blood and urine too since it is also antioxidant. Repeat this the next 2 days too and the detox of lungs is complete! You also will have no extra fat, toxins and water retention.

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