7 Issues Of The Nails That Mean Health Problems And How To Solve Them?

In case you want to know what health issues you have, look at your nails.

The eyes are the window of the soul it is believed. But the nails are the mirror of our health. It is not just for esthetics; brittle, ridged and yellow nails and toenails mean bad diet regimes and even health issues starting from anemia to thyroid issues.

The nails suffer greatly if we are not healthy and treat the body good, says Lisa petty, a nutritionist of Canada and the author of the Living Beauty. The skin, hair, nails get nutrients from food the last. So, keep this in mind.

The nails are made of keratin protein and they keep the sensitive skin underneath protected or the nail bed as we know it. The nail bed is made by matrix of nail matter and this is a bunch of nerves, blood vessels and lymph vessels rounded by cuticles. The nails grow in many shapes and this is absed on genes, but more or less all nails are almost the same. They are smooth on surface, flat, cannot break really easy and are almost see-through. Their pink hue is from the blood vessels under them. If the nail plate gets less than needed nutrients, the nail is damaged, with bad color or just really strange.

Luckily, more nail problems get fixed easily with just a healthier diet, supplements, vitamins and beauty care.

Brittle split nails

Cause: no moisture and lack in vitamin B. Cure: 2000 mcg biotin per day according to Richard Eisen MD dermatologist of the South Shore Skin Center of Massachusetts. Or take cauliflower, lentils, peanuts too. Keep nails moist with 1000 mg fish oil daily that has EPA and DHA. For moist on the outside, 2 times per day putting natural oils (almond), wear latex gloves for cleaning and doing the dishes.

Soft and curvy nails

Cause: Deficit in iron. Cure: if the iron levels are low, have 325 mg iron sulfate 3 times per day says Eisen.

Vertical ridges

Cause: mostly age (these appear like nail wrinkles). Cure: for smoothening them out, polish the nail with almond oil a few drops and use a sand smooth buffer. The buffing removes the first layer so only 3 swipes is enough in 1 week as to Rachel Gower. She was the founder of the Upper Hand Salon in Houston. Avoid the harsh ridge fillers and chemicals like the polyester resin.

Horizontal ridge and dents

Cause: mostly trauma from picking the nails and cuticles or hitting the nail edges on dispenser for example. The dents mean you might have high fever, food deficits, psoriasis or surgery trauma. Cure: eat more proteins, daily 55 g more or less. Petty says even 10.000 IU vitamin A per day is good for the nail proteins and also 3 mg choline stabilized orthosilicic acid to make the nails stronger.

Yellow nails

Cause: deficit in vitamin E and not enough time to rest the nails between polishes. Cure: Eisen says 400 IU vitamin E per day, 2 times. Also, hazelnuts, almonds, peanuts, sweet potato and wheat germ oil.


Cause: bacteria or yeast growing in the nail matrix and also cuticles and it is exposed to moisture. These infections spread fast under the nails and toenails. Signs are: yellow, greenish, bruised, dirty-look, thickness and also bumps or separations in the nail. Cure: soak the nail with antibacterial pure tea or drops for 15 min a day. Take 200 mg capsule antifungal herb based 3 times per day. This is advised by Norma Pasekoff Weinberg the author of Natural Hand Care. These topical meds are just topical and are not miracles. Some even make a liver problem according to Elizabeth K. Hale, clinical MD of dermatology at New York University.

White spots

Cause: nail traumas or deficit in zinc. Cure: Petty says is best to take 50 mg daily of zinc. Also eat red meat, sesame, pumpkin seed, peas. As the nail grows and you clip it this disappears too.

What is a warning sign?

These below are warning signs for the nails and some diseases; short breaths, fatigue…

  • Upward curved nail – thyroid illness
  • Brittle nail – hyper/hypothyroidism
  • Yellow nail – chronic bronchitis
  • Blue nail bed – blood flow problems
  • Red nail bed – heart issues
  • White nail bed – liver disease

Source and image source: justnaturallyhealthy.com