Remove Varicose Veins In Natural Ways

This term means the veins are weaker than before, enlarged and also visible under the skin. They get blue and purple color and this can be due to many causes like obesity, pregnancy, standing a lot or sitting, strains, age and genes too.

At first when they appear, they are treated with compression and stockings. But, if it gets worse other issues go along this like inflammation, pain, heavy legs and swelling more. The veins also can become like ‘spider veins’ which means it is worse.

For removing the inflammation and making more blood flow, the best natural remedy is garlic. This veggie is great as medicine and removes the toxins by eliminating them through the waste.

You must include the garlic everyday in the diet and take supplements too.  For fast results, apply a mix on painful areas.

Ayurveda cure for varicose veins

You need:

  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • ½ glass orange juice
  • Garlic cloves grated


Mix everything and let this stay like this 12 hours. Then, use it by putting it on those veins areas in circle motions. Massage until fully seeped into the skin. Then get a warm bandage or a towel and wrap it up on that area. After 15 minutes you will get the relief. Repeat as much as needed.

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