Plants That Are Oxygen Bombs. Get Them For The Home To Feel Refreshed

The plants are in a way like a backbone for the Earth and all life existing. We all depend on the plants and nature.

The house plants give oxygen but also cleanse the air and make it refreshed from both molds and toxins too. We inhale less bad materials if we have plants all around.

There was a study for home plants and this was conducted by NASA. Some plants had the power to actually filter the air and remove some bad compounds of the air.

These plants also filter the air of many building items like dust, paint, and more.

Here you can read about the best 6 plants to have and grow in the home.


This plant is awesome since it increases oxygen and absorbs the carbon dioxide, monoxide and formaldehyde too. One aloe can be the same as 9 purifiers of air.


The Ficus Elastica is easy to maintain and keep since it does not need light a lot. It cleans the air too from the formaldehyde. But, keep in mind that in a home with pets and kids, these leaves can be like a poison.


Hedera Helix is the Ivy as we know it. You must purchase it. It can erase 60% toxins in air and 58% feces particles after only 6 hours at their entry in the air.

Spider plant or Chlorophytum Comosum

This plant speeds up the photosynthesis even with almost no light. It also gathers the air toxins like carbon monoxide, styrene and formaldehyde too, and even gasoline. One such plant cleanses 200 square feet.

Snake plant

Or known as Sansevieria Trifasciata Laurentil. This is a really tough plant and really resistant. It needs also very little light for the photosynthesis. It removes toxins and you can keep it in the bedroom for more oxygen during sleeping.

Peace lilies

Mauna Loa Spathiphyllum is great for erasing chemicals of the air. It filters trichloroethylene and formaldehyde too.

The NASA advises to have these plants at least 15-20 in number and on 500 square meters area. This means 3-4 plants are good for 80 square feet areas. And, have at least one such in the bedroom.

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