Himalayan Salt Blocks Are The Best Thing You Can Have In The Home

The Himalayan salt block is big chunk of pink salt, hand rough carved like a plate or stone. It is giant, bright and luminescent in looks and it is full of magnesium, zinc, iron and manganese. These minerals make it look magical, pink, bright, beautiful. It is a creative way to serve veggies, chicken, seafood, fish and more.

This salt is the purest in the world with no additives and chemical pollutants

That salt is 100% healthy and is from the deep areas in the Himalayan mountains. Also called pink gold, this salt was added in ancient cooking meals too.

If heated up, it changes the color and is like a cast-skillet changes.

This salt has iron, calcium and 84 minerals

It has rich 84 elements vital for the body with important minerals. It has iron, calcium, potassium and magnesium too. Also it has sodium and all these elements are in the crystals of the colloidal sizes, they are absorbed easily by our cells.

The food is tastier

Food made with this salt is a  real treat. Table salt is something else, this is more amazing and adds some flavor too.

It is antimicrobial

A salt block is the safest to use and have. It is antimicrobial and was also used to preserve the food.

Resist extreme temperatures

This is another benefit of this salt. Keep it in the fridge or out in rooms, or even grills, gas stoves too it can stand any heat or cold between the 0 and 900 F. but do not expose this brick salt to extreme CHANGES in temperature and rest it in between 24 hours.

How is used for cooking?

This salt block is mostly used on grill or gas stove and is not best to use it in ovens. For gas stoves, start with low heat and increase slowly. After 40 min you can also reach the 300F.

Let the block cool before cleaning after.

Source and image source: wisemindhealthybody.com