Ginseng Benefits

This plant is the most famous trade item even from ancient times. It boosts our immunity and also increases mental alertness and stamina too. It is a miracle herb from China and over this even wars have been started! Today, one root of this wild Panax is pricey – maybe $50.000.

It can come in many forms and shapes, but the best and most popular is the Asian Panax Ginseng or Korean ginseng and even the American ginseng (panax quinquefolius). Both are the TRUE ginseng. There is also a Russian-Siberian ginseng but this is not like the exact real one. These 3 varieties of this root make us mentally, physically and in immunity much healthier.

How is this herb helpful?

This herb was studied a lot for every action and benefit. The active items in it are named ginsenosides and they directly affect the nervous system. It can speed up the central nervous system too! This makes more antibodies that resist infections like flu, cold and respiratory issues. The Asian ginseng even prevents some cancers and heals after heavy treatments. The Siberian one has eleuthorosides that boost immunity and enable more good T-cells.

Other studies showed that ginseng has ginsenosides Rb1 and Rg1 that improve cognitive work, memory and focus. Also this root prevents male impotence due to the prolactin lessening, the causer of this issue. The Asian root is best for more sperm count and motility and more sex drive too. The Korean one is good for the libido in females.

How to use the ginseng?

It can be found and prepared in many ways. Sold as root, extract, powder, tablet or capsules. Also, you can find ginseng tea. Mostly this is safe, but still, talk with a doctor prior this. The Panax ginseng can meddle with diabetes meds, depression meds or even flu vaccines and warfarin. It was not directly tested on pregnant women, but if you are breastfeeding avoid this root.

Ginseng Benefits

The main benefits of ginseng

  1. Better immunity
  2. Less inflammation
  3. Control of diabetes 2 and blood sugar levels
  4. More insulin sensitivity
  5. Weight loss
  6. Better memory in elder people
  7. Fighting cancer due to suppressing growing of tumors (especially colorectal cancer)
  8. Less flu and colds
  9. Better ADHD dealing in youth
  10. Better mood, less tress
  11. Healthier heart and less hypertension
  12. Less erectile dysfunction
  13. Soothes menopause signs
  14. Mental performance and stamina

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