The Best 12 Workouts For Perfect Booty!

We all, men and women, like perfect bodies, especially buttocks let’s admit. Especially in the summer season. And you can have that by just doing these 12 workouts for firm and round buttocks in few weeks.

The 12 workouts for perfect booty:

1. Step up– get a platform higher than the knees. Or start lower at first. Step on it with one foot and raise the body, bring the other leg up and go back down. Also, hold small dumbbells.

2. Rear leg lift– kneel on forearms and knees. Lift one leg up from the floor and push the foot upwards. Then bring it down and switch legs. Also, use ankle weights.

3. Bridges– lie on th e back, on the floor. Knees are pointed. Raise the buttocks and keep feet and hands on the ground. Push as much as you can and squeeze the butt. Use abdomen weight if you want.

4. Deep squat– go as low as you can for this one. The stance is wider than shoulders and spine is straight. Lower down as much as you can go this way, also hold weight to the chest or extend arms in front.

5. Cossack lunges– legs are apart and wider than shoulders. Switch the weight to one side and squat with one leg. Keep the other straight. At the bottom, toes are pointed and repeat with the other leg the same.

6. Fire hydrant– kneel on the floor on all four. Keep 90 degree angle for bending. Rotate the hip parallel to the floor.

7. Hip thrust– sit on the ground and have a bench behind the back. Put barbell on the pelvis. You will be more comfy with a pad between the body and the bar. Roll this bar above hips and lean back to the bench. The shoulders will touch the bench. Then extend hips vertical way and the weight is leveled by the shoulders and feet.

8. Horse stance– stand up straight with feet more than shoulder width. Squat down and imagine a chair beneath. The thighs are parallel to ground and keep this up as much as you can. Start with 15, 30 seconds and increase.

9. Plié squats– toes are pointed outwards and you must have wide stance. Bend the knees toward toes. Stand up and repeat.

10 Side leg lift– lie on one side, lift one leg, bring it down. Switch side and repeat.

11. Glute squeeze– lie on the back and raise hips to tighten glutes. Hold and go back down.

12. Flutter kick– this one is aiming to the glutes and abs too. Lie on the back, raise legs to 45 degrees up and switch one more up one more down. Do as much as you can.

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