The Benefits Of Consuming Pickles

The pickles are a side dish or in salads, also in hot dogs and sandwiches and virtually anything you want. But, they are really healthy even though lately you haven’t heard of much recipes with pickles. They have good nutrition and are veggies with almost no calories. In the right serving, they are a good snack or even meal.

Nutrition facts

In the west they come from gherkins, cucumbers and other similar veggies in vinegar. The NSDA said pickles have moisture a lot, fat, proteins, energy, fibers, sugars and carbs. Also they have minerals like potassium, iron, phosphorus and sodium. Vitamins can be in them too like A, B6, B12, riboflavin and niacin, thiamin, vitamin C as well.

Not just these above, pickles also provide these benefits:

  1. Antioxidants- they protect us from free radicals
  2. Probiotic- these are the good gut bacteria also named probiotics and make digestion healthy. But, with taking antibiotics you damage the inside flora. So, eat pickles to replenish this.
  3. Hepatoprotection- healthy gut is great, but liver must be healthy too. Many studies proved that chemicals damage our liver and pickles can restore its health.
  4. Ulcer issues- if you have the ulcer issues there is some inside wound that bothers the body since the mucous membrane and acids clash together with the tissues. The most common is gastric ulcer due to weak mucous membrane. Other times, it is hyperacidity. Pickles prevent the ulcers.
  5. Diabetes managing- studies claimed that pickles in vinegar improve the hemoglobin in diabetics. This is due to acetic acid in the vinegar that controls the diabetes levels.

You see, pickles are indeed healthy and amazing to consume. But, not every kind is the same. Some are too salted and make you retain water longer in the body and cause diabetes worsening or hypertension.

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