Remove Stains With 10 Interesting Tricks. Natural Ways

Have you asked yourself hos are white shirt stains cleaned or red wine spots? We have 10 amazing tricks for you. Natural DIY home recipes! Interesting and effective!

Red wine stain

For red wine stain, put white wine over it. Then put baking soda on that and let it for a few hours to sit before washing.

Sweaty stains

For sweaty stains, make saltwater soak. ¼ to ½ cup salt in the machine and cold water over the clothes. Let it soak 2 hours and wash.

Carpet stains

For carpet stains saturated that area with hydrogen peroxide. After 5 min scrub with cloth.

Coffee stains off mug

Coffee stain off mug with 1 tbsp baking soda and 2 tbsp white vinegar in the mug. With rag mix it and scrub. Leave for 10 minutes and scrub again before rinsing.

Dirty suede

For dirty suede, remove crust of bread and make it stale over time. Rub the stain with this by using the bread edges.

Tomato & berry stains

Tomato and berry stain- rinse and soak in water vinegar mix.

Oil stains

Oil stain is cleaned with mix of sea salt and arrowroot powder. Sprinkle on the oil stain to absorb it. Scrape it off and scrub with toothbrush and some soap.

Urine stains

Cat/dog urine stains – mix 1 cup warm water and 2 tbsp clear white vinegar. This removes odor too. Just mix them in spray bottle and then on the stain, rub with cloth or paper towels.

Coffee & tea stains

Coffee or tea that spilled? With sponge and lukewarm water, directly on the stain, blotting bit by bit with glycerin.

Ink stain

For ink stain, put a bit white vinegar on the stain to soak. After 10 min dab some dish soap on that stain. Gently rub and after few minutes rinse with cold water and rub while doing so.

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