Experts Found A Flower That Can Treat Diabetes – Big Pharma Makes The Artificial Version Already

Experts of Israel are amazed of a plant that grows in that region and aids in diabetes 2 curing with no chemicals or drugs. This plant is like therapy for many patients and the team works on isolating the active plant ingredient for making a drug based on it, a patent drug.

This plant is named Chiliadenus iphionoides also known as sharp varthemia. It is stocky, furry and has yellow petal flowers. In the animal and cellular models, both extracts of this aroma plant are antidiabetic in benefits and improve the sugar absorbing in the fat and muscle cells too, and It LOWERS the sugar too.

Based on this, the Journal of Ethno pharmacology published that this plant is amazing for diabetes people and even the American Diabetes Association said diabetes is the 7th causer of death in USA.

You will likely find this plant in health stores and sadly maybe not even in pharmacies.

This plant cannot be fully patented but the drug companies will ‘borrow’ the component for making capital

the sharp varthemia is not the sole cure of diabetes, but experts have claimed that the extract of the plant increases insuin in cells and glucose uptake too in the skeletal myotubes and adipocytes. It also shows hypoglycemic activity in rats with diabetes.

That plant also reduced bad signs of diabetes and still has to be discovered how and in what way.

It is clear that it is a positive sign for medicine prosperity, but yet companies cannot get money from it soon. That is why they want to patent it to make profits. Of course, nature and plants cannot be patented and they cannot make money from just selling such plants.

So, experts and scientists have to think of a way to STEAL the healing ingredient of this plant. That  is a misnomer because every plant has many ingredients of this type that heal us. It is complex synergy that even experts cannot pinpoint. That is the point of natural healing!

This is called bio-piracy and pharmacies exist only due to it; natural herbs and cures are better than drugs, but they cost nothing at all for us!

In this plant’s case, experts work in the name of the drug companies to find out the healing ingredient. Then they can make a drug from it and make tons of money. If someone cells the plant as it is, the US Food and Drug Administration FDA will ban that. And stop it labeled as “unapproved drug”.

This is a perfect thing for the thieves to turn nature into money and couldn’t care less for the people of course. It is good to make pills and vaccines and make profit of it – that is the basis of pharmaceutical businesses.

So, that is what the companies did with Madagascar periwinkle, the ancient medicine  of native African regions that suppresses appetite naturally. That was also effective for healing leukemia too, and when this was discovered, profit was made for anti-leukemia drugs.

There is more to be made in such developing countries and discovered too. And people need to know about what bio-piracy is.. Stated Yoke Ling Chee from the Third World Network, quotes

Also, there must be more awareness in the consumer mass about such products and what is sold on the market.

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