The Benefits Of Cinnamon And A Recipe Included!

A lot of people like this spice and its aroma and flavor. It is in many beverages, sweet meals and savory ones too. Not just the great flavor, but the cinnamon also has some essential oil in it. The strong taste is due to the cinnamic aldehyde named cinnamaldehyde and it turns dark when exposed to oxygen. It is not just a spice, it has health benefits along as well.

For diabetes

Cinnamon can regulate the sugar levels in the blood. A study published in PMC US National library of Medicine National Institutes of Health said this spice makes more insulin sensitivity and glucose processing. Insulin resistance is an issue in diabetic type 2 mellitus, metabolic syndrome and obesity, and the rats that had cinnamon given to them had higher glucose infusion. The other group had this much lower. Also, cinnamon stops progressing of such resistance and this goes for humans as well.

For heart issues

Heart is also kept healthy with cinnamon. In Women’s Wellness, Holistic Wellness expert Carina Parikh (MScN, MSiMR) said this spice increases the density of lipoproteins in good cholesterol and removes the bad ones. She also added that it improves the glucose serum, reduces fasting blood sugar and decreases the triglycerides, bad cholesterol and low dense lipoprotein all linked to diabetes 2. She advised to take this spice on regular basis to mitigate any effect linked to fatty meals that spike our blood sugar.


We know honey is anti-microbial, but cinnamon is also healthy in this way. It can fight off infections. Cinnamon Vogue stated how cinnamon bark and cinnamon leaf oils fight bacteria and disinfect.  Also, that oil is anti-microbial and interacts with E. coli, penicillium digatatum, apergillus oryzae and even staphylococcus aureus. This oil also can be mixed with hydrogen peroxide as spray for kitchen boards and sink.

A publication on PMC US National Library of Medicine national Institutes of Health said the cinnemaldehyde in the bark oil fights danger microbes like the E. coli, salmonella, typhimurium and listeria. Also, the oils are linked to carvacol, eugenol, thymol too.

The recipe – sample

This recipe is almost the same as that for the cinnamon rolls, everyone’s favorite! All Recipes includes in the ingredients the 2 tsp cinnamon, cup milk, ½ cup butter, cup water, 1 tbsp active dry yeast, 2 cups sugar, 1 cup white sugar, pack cream cheese, 1 tsp salt, 1 tbsp butter, 2 eggs, ½ tsp vanilla extract, 6 cups flour and 3 tbsp milk.

To make this, warm up the milk until bubbly. Remove from heat and mix in the butter to melt. Add the water and let cool aside to lukewarm state. This milk mix is now mixed with the eggs, flour, salt, sugar, yeast. Add the remaining of the flour and stir bit by bit.

When this dough is ready, put it on floured kitchen surface and knead for 8 minutes until perfectly smooth. Divide in 2 parts and each piece roll into a rectangle. Mix the cinnamon and brown sugar in bowl and spread the pieces in the butter, sugar and cinnamon mix.

Cut the rolls in 12 slices with knife or dental floss. Put them in the baking pan and cover them to let it rise to double size. Bake for 20-25 min until gold brown and in the end pour over them the mix of cream cheese, vanilla, butter, sugar and milk while warm.

In general, the cinnamon is tasty and healthy so include it whenever you can. It will make you healthy and boost up the energy, but also do not forget about workouts.

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